I'm Emily, I live in Newcastle ... well sort of ... it's south shields, but you know.
I guess I'm innocent but not really.
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20th February 2011

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Firstly …

Not going to lie It’s my first time, making it the most painful and embarrassing. When you feel that first touch and it just gets the ball rolling it comes fluidly making it easier to roll with it and get started. You can’t always choose how it goes, but you can make the most of it, make it … EXCITINGTHRILLINGINVIGORATING.Doesn’t matter where or when, on the beach, in your bed, on a chair, in the open air, just think and relax, breath in and out, and make it confident.Take your time to enjoy it while the moment last’s, make the most of it, because you never get another first time, well not really.Perfect Guide to your First Blog.

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